I feel very fortunate to have made my living as an artist professionally for most of my life.  My graphic design background has been a good compliment to my illustration skills which I have used for the past 15 years licensing my surface designs to giftware and home decor manufacturers for use on products ranging from greeting cards, garden flags, rugs, dishes, fabric collections and just about everything in between.

In recently years, my attention has turned more to my fine art.  I have been painting abstracts for several years and love experimenting with a variety of mediums, however my main focus is working with oils, cold wax and mix-media. Every painting I begin feels like standing at the gate with an open-ended ticket in my hand…destination unknown. I love being surprised by my own work. My favorite bits of my paintings are those details that I have no recollection of creating, that seemed to have found their way there on their own, yet intention is present. Whether I am working on a series reminiscent of landscapes or simply movement, shape and color, I want the viewer to wonder, to be intrigued by what is underneath, what’s off in the distance. I want them to see things unique to their eye – and to see something a little different every time they step into that piece. I want the piece to tell them a story that belongs only to them.

My alter-ego is The Armchair Parisian which gives me a creative photography outlet (and sometimes, a trip to Paris :-)

When I’m not designing, painting, traveling or being bossed around by three rather spoiled cats, I can be found either riding my lime-green bicycle, rowing a scull (or sweep) on the river or enjoy lazy days with my wonderful husband of 30 years on our sailboat “Adios” in Florida.

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