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Every painting I begin feels like standing at the gate with an open-ended ticket in my hand…destination unknown. I love being surprised by my own work. My favorite bits of my paintings are those details that I have no recollection of creating, that seemed to have found their way there on their own, yet intention is present. Whether I am working on a series reminiscent of landscapes or simply movement, shape and color, I want the viewer to wonder, to be intrigued by what is underneath, what’s off in the distance. I want them to see things unique to their eye – and to see something a little different every time they step into that piece. I want the piece to tell them a story that belongs only to them. 

I work in cold wax / oil paint.  If interested in purchasing or licensing a painting, please contact me directly.

All images are available as gallery-wrapped canvas or giclée prints. Contact me to inquire.