Work that Inspiration!

Ah yes, inspiration….we all want it and revel in it when it appears in abundance ~ but dang if sometimes it just isn’t there.  Oh, but we want it to be.  In fact the deadline you have nipping at your heels needs it to be.  You don’t have time for a creative rest stop, in fact, you don’t really feel like you need one – you just need an idea, a little fuel to get you going… Darn, nothing.

Work in progress

Work in progress

So you, go look in the fridge (a few times), walk the dog, empty the dishwasher, throw in a load of laundry, check Facebook, check your email (again), flip though a magazine or two….phone a friend…anything but work.

And that, is precisely the problem.

Work is where the ideas come from.  Have you ever decided to paint just one room in the house and it somehow snowballs into new carpet, new furniture, new throw pillows, new lamps, a party…?  Just as taking that first step with the wall paint led to a party, getting started doing something, anything in the studio will bring inspiration to you.  I have always believed that the inspiration comes from work itself ~ I have had far more ideas come to me while I am actually working than when I am sitting around trying to think of an idea ~ or scrolling through Pinterest

It works.  Try it today.  Pick up a pen, a brush, the keyboard…whatever…just get busy and the ideas will happen.  I promise.

Lemme know how it goes ~ I am on my way to the studio!


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